PSB Computer Protection user interface breaks after setting http proxy settings

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There is an issue with the Computer Protection UI after setting an http proxy in the program settings.
The proxy was set with the following format: http://usernameSmiley Tongue[email protected]<IP-Address>

After setting the proxy address and closing the Settings window, the F-Secure icon goes missing from the system tray. It is also no longer possible to start the F-Secure product interface from the Windows start menu or desktop shortcuts. A reboot has no effect on the situation.

A similar problem happens when the proxy address is configured in the PSB portal to a settings profile. F-Secure icon remains visible, but the UI does not open.


PSB Computer Protection does not as of yet support authentication for proxies, so the address including username and password is invalid. This feature is planned for a future release but as of 2019-11-18 there is no confirmed estimate for when it would be implemented.
The reaction by the product interface was identified as a bug and corrected in version 19.8 of PSB Computer Protection. If you are running this version or later and experiencing the same issue you need to open a support ticket. 

Article no: 000017944