Invalid keycode error when installing F-Secure Linux Security 11.10

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When installing F-Secure Linux Security 11.10, the following error is shown after entering the license code:

Invalid keycode.

After that is requests the license code again:

Please enter the keycode you have received with your purchase of F-Secure Linux Security.


Make sure that the license is typed correctly, and that you are entering a key belonging to the correct product.
Trying to enter a code belonging to for example F-Secure Linux Security 64 would result in this error.

The license key that you have received is to be used with Linux Security 64 bit server edition. Our licenses are dependent on the software version, meaning a license created for a software version 11 cannot be used on another version installation.

If you don't have the correct license code you should contact your reseller and request  the license for Linux Security 11.XX as that is the one required for this version.

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