F-Secure PSB product installation fails with error: "You cannot use the subscription key you entered

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When installing an F-Secure PSB product (Server Security / Computer Protection / Server Protection), user encounters an error about the subscription key they are trying to use.

Error: "You cannot use the subscription key you entered for this computer anymore. If you need a new subscription key, contact your administrator."


This is most likely due to the PSB product having been installed on the computer before using the same subscription key and at some point the machine has been removed from the PSB portal. This adds the machine to a blacklist, called List of removed computers, to prevent the software from automatically re-registering to the portal if the software is still installed after the machine is removed from the portal. To reinstall the product using the same subscription key on that computer, you need to first clear the list of removed computers for that subscription key:

  1. Log in to the PSB Portal
  2. Open the Subscriptions page
  3. Choose the subscription key which you are trying to use and click on the "triple dot button" on the right side of the page
  4. Click on Clear list of removed computers
This releases all computers from the list for that specific subscription key. Now the subscription key can be used again on that same computer.

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