Offload Scanning connection is down for few seconds after system restart

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F-Secure Client Security or Server Security Offload Scanning connection to the Scanning and Reputation Server (SRS) is down during a system restart. After system restarted, the connection is restored after few seconds.


This is expected product behavior if the Offload Scanning connection is established after few seconds after a system restart.

During system startup, the Offload Scanning Agent (OSA) service will attempt to establish a connection with the Scanning and Reputation Server (SRS). If the connection to SRS is unreachable due to some reason (e.g. Internal network congestion), the service will re-attempt to establish the connection.

Another option is to increase "Connection timeout" and/or "Restore connection interval" in Policy Manager for those devices generating alerts:

  1. Log in to Policy Manager Console
  2. Highlight a host or policy domain from the Domain Tree
  3. Go to the Settings and select Advanced view
  4. Navigate to F-Secure Offload Scanning Agent > Settings > Connection 
Here you can change the Connection timeout and Restore connection interval settings.


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