Running the FSAUA tool to fix "Update check failed" or "Update won't download"

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This article applies to the following F-Secure products: Client Security, Server Security, Computer Protection, Policy Manager, Email and Server Security, SAFE

Steps on running the F-Secure Automatic Update Agent (FSAUA) reset tool, when the virus definitions are too old or the F-Secure products is encountering a malfunction with the F-Secure Automatic Updates.


Follow the steps below to run the FSAUA tool:

  1. Download the FSAUA reset tool from the F-Secure website here.
  2. Move the FSAUA reset tool to the affected F-Secure host (any directory).
  3. Open an elevated Command Prompt (Administrator).
  4. Navigate to the directory of the reset tool.
  5. Run the fsaua-reset.exe (use the option -? to receive information on the usage).
  6. The tool will clear any present F-Secure Automatic Updates on this host.
  7. The host will re-download all required F-Secure Automatic Updates and install them.

To verify the status of the updates, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Open the F-Secure product's interface.
  2. Switch to Tools.
  3. Press Check for Updates.
  4. Verify the list of updates.

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