F-Secure Policy Manager-Server 14.xx Software Updater Scan for updates operation is stuck

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When starting a Scan for updates operation through the advanced settings view for Software Updater, the status gets stuck as "in progress" permanently.


How to remove that scanning task using H2 console:

First you need to enable H2 console:

  1. Close F-Secure Policy Manager Console if it is open.
Next steps must be done on a server where Policy Manager Server is installed
  1. Stop F-Secure Policy Manager Server service.
  2. Open Registry Editor (regedit).
  3. Go to HKLM>SOFTWARE>Wow6432Node>Data Fellows\F-Secure\Management Server 5\
  4. Edit "additional_java_args"
  5. Add parameter (NOTE: Parameter is case sensitive):   -Dh2ConsoleEnabled=true
  6.  Close registry editor and start F-Secure Policy Manager Server service.
Now open the H2 Console:
  1. Open Internet Explorer/Firefox/Chrome
  2. Go to https://<PolicyManagerServerIP>:<AdminPort&gt;
Eg. https://localhost:8080
**localhost can be used, if you are running this from the PM Server itself.

And then Execute the following SQL statement:

DELETE FROM operations WHERE type_oid_id IN (SELECT id FROM oid_dictionary WHERE oid='');

It will clean all other relevant entries automatically. Close the H2 console and restart the Policy Manager Console.

Article no: 000017341