No active subscription when login to PSB Portal

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When loging to PSB Portal user gets "no active subscription" error
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This can happen if you are logging in with multiple F-Secure accounts on the same computer and old cached data is saved in the browser. It can also occur if you have an F-Secure account that is not directly connected to an account in PSB.

For situations with multiple accounts:

  1. Click on the "person" icon on the same page you get the error
  2. Choose to logout
  3. Login with your PSB account credentials and choose your PSB account
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If you have trouble using the normal login, open the browser incognito mode and login to the PSB Portal.

If you suspect that your login credentials are not connected to an account in PSB, please contact support and provide the login name that you're using as it needs to be checked internally.

Article no: 000009994

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