How can I exclude specific software updates from the Software Updater in F-Secure PSB?

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How can I exclude certain software update from the F-Secure Software Updater in F-Secure PSB?


Prerequisite: You need to have a non-default profile before you can configure your software updater settings.

To exclude specific software updates from automatic installation:

  1. Log in to the PSB Portal
  2. Go to the Profiles 
  3. Select the profile you want to modify
  4. Go to Software updater
  5. Under Exclude software from automatic installation, click Add software and then type in the keywords or a Bulletin ID using the formula: PRODUCT=<value>;SP=<value>. The service pack is optional. For example:
  • PRODUCT=Skype 6
  • PRODUCT=office; SP=SP2
  • PRODUCT=Java
  • PRODUCT=Microsoft
  • BULLETIN=MSNS19-08-4494174_V2
Lock the setting with the Padlock (Disallow user changes) and click Save and Publish. After the profile has been saved and published, the exclusion will be taken into use on the devices that have this profile assigned. 

Article no: 000006571