Why is a customer company or a subscription key not visible in the PSB portal in a reseller partner'

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Reseller partner has sold a subscription to a customer but when the reseller partner views their PSB portal, it is not displaying the customer company or the subscription key/code under the reseller partner's PSB account.


Make sure that you have logged in to the correct PSB Portal account with the solution provider rights. If anyone else in your company has a PSB Portal account, they can verify your login name on the Accounts page in the PSB portal. If you are the only administrator user, contact your F-Secure sales contact for assistance.

If you have logged in using the correct PSB Portal account but are unable to see the customer company in the scope drop-down menu on your account, make sure that you have sold the PSB product as Partner Managed and not Company Managed. If the product has been sold as Company Managed, neither the customer company nor the subscription will be shown in the reseller partner's account.

There is also a risk that something has gone wrong with the order itself. If the order provisioning fails it will be left pending a manual correction. These are done regularly and if this occurs, your order should become visible at the latest within the next business day (unless further information is required from you in which case you would be contacted). 

If you have accidentally purchased a Company Managed asset, and want to change it to be Partner Managed, or if you want to verify the state of your order, contact our Order Services team or your F-secure Sales contact.

If you are unable to reach your F-Secure Sales contact, contact F-Secure Customer Care here.

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