I bought the wrong number of F-secure SAFE/TOTAL licenses

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I purchased F-Secure SAFE/TOTAL, but later realised that I bought the wrong quantity of licenses. 


Fewer licenses than needed:

If you bought fewer licenses than you needed, you can always buy more. The price for buying more licenses is not greater than what you would have paid for that number of licenses originally. 

   1. Log in to My F-Secure.
   2. Click the Subscription button.
   3. Under Subscription, click on Buy More. The amount left for you to pay appears on the right.

  • The number of licenses you have on your current subscription and the amount you have in your credit are displayed on the left.
  • If you've activated/renewed your subscription using a voucher code, the purchase of additional licenses is only possible in conjunction with the purchase of the renewal.
    4. Click Continue to Checkout.   

The new licenses will update immediately on your account.

More licenses than needed:

If you bought too many licenses, and was supposed to buy fewer, contact Customer Support here. We can help you change your purchase within 30  days of the order. 

Article no: 000017807

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