SomeBuddy offered with F-Secure TOTAL in Finland and Sweden

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What is SomeBuddy with F-Secure TOTAL?

SomeBuddy is a digital service that offers anonymous, confidential legal aid and advice about cyber bullying. This service is now being offered free of charge to our F-Secure TOTAL customers in Finland from October 28, 2019 and in Sweden from November 4, 2019 until the end of 2020. The service is offered in Finnish and Swedish. SomeBuddy does not, however, offer a Swedish language service in Finland; this is due to country-specific legislation.

Why SomeBuddy?

Cyber bullying, which is unfortunately on the rise, is a form of bullying taking place in social media channels and on the web. Although many people do not realize it, some types of cyber bullying can also be illegal. People of any age can experience cyber bullying, which may leave you feeling threatened and harassed.

With the help of professional lawyers and psychologists in the area of social media, this service helps you shed light on bullying situations. SomeBuddy sends you a personalized message in response to your situation.

Here are some examples of unpleasant situations that you may encounter in social media:
  • Someone is spreading lies about you.
  • Someone has made a fake profile of you.
  • Someone keeps sending you harassing messages.
  • Someone has shared photos of you without your consent.

How can SomeBuddy help?

Once you have signed up for the service and have asked for help, SomeBuddy sends you a reply within 3 business days.

SomeBuddy can help you with the following:
  • Legal advice about your situation, and also which bullying activities are against the law.
  • What to do next if you are being bullied.
  • General guidelines on how to navigate safely in social media.
  • Overall help and support in dealing with cyber bullying.

All cases are handled confidentially.

Activate SomeBuddy in My F-Secure

For existing, as well as new TOTAL customers, take the SomeBuddy service into use via your My F-Secure account as follows:

  1. Select the activation link in the email or log in here, if you have not yet received an email.
  2. Enter your My F-Secure account credentials and select Log in. The Activate SomeBuddy window appears.
  3. Select Accept and activate.
  4. Select See instructions.

The Social media protection window opens and you can see your SomeBuddy activation codes listed.

To go back to your activation codes later on, go to Subscription > Social media protection in your My F-Secure account.

Note: For new F-Secure TOTAL customers, an activation email is sent to you during the first days of your subscription.

Use the SomeBuddy service

Now that you have activated your SomeBuddy codes, you can start using the service.

  1. Go to the service on your phone or computer browser, and enter your phone number. You receive a verification code via SMS on your phone.
  2. Enter the verification code into the text field. The page asks for the activation code.
  3. Enter the activation code.

The SomeBuddy activation codes are personal and you can use them yourself or share them with other family members.

General service information

F-Secure does not share customer information with SomeBuddy and SomeBuddy does not share any information with F-Secure.

The number of unique activation codes for SomeBuddy is tied to the number of device licenses you have with your TOTAL subscription.

The service is not available for trial customers.