Web Content control is blocking pages, which shouldn't be blocked

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  • Web Content control is blocking pages by claiming they have been rated, for example, as adult material, even though the web page has nothing to do with that rating.
  • How do I whitelist sites for PSB Computer Protection or Client Security?
  • I want to access a site but Browsing Protection blocks it. What can I do?


You can report wrongly blocked pages and wrong web content categories to our labs. Check the box "I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results" and fill in the required information to get updates from labs as they check the link. Series 14 and newer of Business Suite products as well as PSB Computer and Server Protection will show webpage categories on the block page, which can give you more detail on why a page is blocked.

To whitelist webpages in PSB settings profiles:

  1. Log in to your PSB portal account
  2. Go to Profiles using the left-side menu
  3. Open the profile you want to modify
  4. Click on Browsing Protection from the left-side menu
  5. Scroll down to Sites
  6. Add the site you want to whitelist to the Allowed sites-list
  7. Click Save and Publish in the bottom right

To whitelist webpages using the Business Suite Policy Manager:
  1. Log in to the Policy Manager Console
  2. Select the correct policy domain or host from the Domain tree on the left
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Select Advanced view from the selector in the top right
  5. Navigate to F-Secure Browsing Protection->Settings->Reputation Based Protection->Trusted Sites in the settings tree
  6. Click the Add-button to the right of the sites list to add new entries 
  7. Press Ctrl+D or the Distribute policies-button in the top left to distribute the new settings
Observe that you might have to empty your web browser cache for the changes to take effect. This applies to both set of instructions listed above and to when you receive a notification from the labs that they have updated a page rating.

Article no: 000004384

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