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Customer has received an e-mail asking for bitcoin. Email sender claims to have either installed a Remote Access Trojan (RAT), recorded them performing inappropriate acts, or some other embarrassing/serious thing.


The content of the submitted e-mail is common in mass-blackmail spam campaigns. The threat actors utilize fear tactics to force a victim to pay the enlisted amount, usually to a bitcoin wallet to maintain anonymity. With these cases, they often collect e-mails from public records (such as leaked personal databases from compromised websites) and are not necessarily targeted towards a specific individual.

We would suggest customers that receive such e-mails to ignore any demands made by the threat actor as they often hold no value and are not malicious in any way, but rather try and convince the victim into thinking that they have been, for instance, exposed in some way (e.g. inappropriate pictures).

You may forward such e-mails, which you may believe to be spam for spam re-categorization by following the link below:

Article no: 000009335

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