Service enabler update for SAFE PC

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On 22 October 2019, we have released an update that resolves an issue in our licensing system and how the deletion of accounts is handled.

This update means that if your account has been deleted from F-Secure systems, your SAFE PC software will no longer work. If this update affects your software, a pop-up window appears on your computer informing you that your subscription needs to be renewed.

You can either uninstall the software, or if you want to continue using the product, create a new My F-Secure account and buy a new subscription as follows:

  1. Select Buy now from the pop-up.
  2. Create a new My F-Secure account.
    1. Select the type of subscription you want.
    2. Go to Checkout and complete the payment.
  3. Once you have completed your payment, select Add device from the portal, and install the product on your computer.
    1. The new product automatically removes the old software.
    2. When prompted, restart your computer. The product completes the installation.

For more detailed installation instructions, see How do I install F-Secure SAFE on my PC?

More information about the update:

Before this update, SAFE PC applications did not correctly interpret the data sent from F-Secure systems when an account was deleted. The product continued working with the subscription data that it had retrieved before the account was deleted.

With this update, SAFE PC clients now recognize when a subscription is no longer valid, and such subscriptions cease to work.