Email messages are incorrectly classified by the F-Secure spam scanner

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Email messages are or were incorrectly classified by F-Secure spam scanner.


If your email messages were incorrectly classified by our spam scanner, we would like to receive a copy by email. Do note that the copy must be sent to the right channel, otherwise, it be rejected by our automated systems.

  1. Create a new message and address it to:
    • [email protected] for spam messages which the spam scanner failed to filter
    • [email protected] for legitimate, non-spam messages which were accidentally filtered as spam
    • [email protected] for spam that attempts to trick the recipient into disclosing personal, private, or sensitive information (e.g., online banking password)
  2. Add the spam sample as an attachment (multiple samples of the same type can be sent in a single submission)
    • In Microsoft Outlook, drag the sample from your inbox into the composition pane so they appear as an attachment in the new message
    • In other email program, refer to the product documentation for instructions on how to obtain the full header of an email message using your email program 
    Important! Sample should be submitted with its full header, and if possible, in the message/rfc822 format. For meaningful analysis, do not edit the original message in any way.
  3. In the message, provide the name of the F-Secure product used and its version number
  4. Submit the sample from a valid, live email address. In rare cases, we may need to reply to you if we have questions.

Note: Submissions are primarily handled by automated systems; if you wish to include comments related to the submission, they should be communicated to your designated support contact to ensure proper attention. Mention the support ticket ID in the Subject header of the sample submission.

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