How do I enable / disable F-Secure Browsing Protection through F-Secure Policy Manager?

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I need to enable or disable the Browsing Protection feature on some client, how can I do it centrally using Policy Manager Console?


  • Open F-Secure Policy Manager:
  1. Settings [Standard view]
  2. F-Secure Browsing Protection
  3. Uncheck the box to Disable or Enable Browsing Protection
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  1. After you have chosen your setting, make sure that the padlock is closed, after that you can distribute the policies (Ctrl+D)
Note: F-Secure Browser Protection is an integrated Module within the package, that can be only deactivated via Policy Manager or locally from the Client.
  • If you have disabled Browsing Protection for your Clients, and you want to hide the browser plugin deactivated message in main local UI
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  • Please ask customer support to provide you the file FSCS1410-HF03-signed.jar when you submit a ticket.  This specific hotfix removes notification about disabled BP from UI, while it is disabled.
Distribution details for centrally managed hosts:
  1. Log in to F-Secure Policy Manager Console 
  2. select the Installation tab 
  3. Click Installation packages and select import to import the downloaded hotfix jar file
  4. Select appropriate domain or host and press Install
  5. Select the hotfix
  6. Distribute policies

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