Spam filter is not behaving correctly in Email and Server Security

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Multiple issues observed:

  • SPAM emails are coming through 
  • Emails that are wrongly quarantined, cannot be released
  • The usual SPAM emails in Quarantine are missing
  • Cannot quarantine messages


You can use different approaches to troubleshot the problem. Here are few approaches how to make sure your SPAM engine is working properly:

  • Make sure that Scanning 'message' by F-Secure Spam Scanner was successful. The anti-spam engine is a cloud-based solution, so it will simply not work if it doesn't have a working connection to the detection center If you require a proxy to connect to this site with your browser, then the anti-spam engine needs to be configured to use the same proxy.
  • Make sure that the Hydra and Gemini Engines are up-to-date.  
  1. Open the Web GUI  and navigate to Settings and Engines:
  2. Under the Server Statistics, you should see that F-Secure Hydra and F-Secure Gemini are up to date and the icon is green.
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3. If the Icon of the two modules is Orange, contact F-Secure support to retrieve a file (fsavsd). Mention this article as reference. Once you have the file, do as follows:

  1. Stop F-Secure Content Scanner Server Daemon in services.msc.
  2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Content Scanner Server.
  3. Rename fsavsd.exe to fsavsd.exe.OLD.
  4. Copy the new fsavsd file obtained from F-Secure support into the folder.
  5. Start F-Secure Content Scanner Server Daemon in services.msc.
4. If the SPAM filter is still not working properly, check the following rights:
  • The service "Microsoft Exchange Transport" runs under "NETWORK SERVICE".
  • Therefore "NETWORK SERVICE" should have read/execution rights on FQM.EXE and FqmAssembly.dll.
  • These rights should be defined during installation and transferred from the "...Program Files (x86)\F-Secure" folder. This can be viewed on the 'Advanced Security' page of the 'F-Secure' folder.

If none of the steps above helped, open a support ticket with F-Secure support for further assistance with this issue. To speed up the process, mention the following items when creating the support ticket:

  • If Hydra and Gemini are being disabled, please inform.
  • If quarantine is inaccessible, please inform.



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