What's New in F-Secure SAFE for Mac

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This article outlines important changes and features, as well as fixes released in the latest versions of F-Secure SAFE for Mac.

Version 17.7 MR1 (Maintenance Release)

Released February, 2020

Support for silent upgrade
  • This release adds support for silent upgrade. For this release (17.7 MR1), you still need to install the upgrade manually, but for future releases, upgrades are then installed silently in the background.
Usability improvements
  • The "block" page has been redesigned and now has a new look and feel. This page appears when Browsing Protection detects a harmful website.
  • The Safari browser extension now installs when clicking Set up now.
Other general improvements
  • This version also includes various improvements and fixes to the overall appearance of the product and its behavior.

Version 17.7 (Build 20591)

Released September, 2019

Support for macOS Catalina now available
  • This release adds support for macOS Catalina.
  • If full disk access has not been granted to the product, a warning notification appears in the product.
Usability improvements
  • A link has been added to the main product view that enables you to access your subscription information more easily. The Manage subscription link takes you directly to the My F-Secure portal, where you can view your subscription details.
  • The Manage subscription link changes to Renew Now when the product is about to expire; the Renew Now link takes you to the F-Secure eStore, where you can renew your subscription.
Other general improvements
  • An opt-in option has been added that gives you the option to provide product improvement data to F-Secure. This option appears during installation or you can set this up later in System Preferences.
  • The product no longer prevents you from installing the software if it detects 3rd party incompatible software; only a warning is given instead.
  • A new, updated version of the Support Tool for SAFE Mac comes with this release. When you start the tool (select Run Diagnostics), you are asked to enter your admin credentials.