Console login error with Policy Manager using external MySQL database

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Logging in to the Policy Manager Console returns an error message: "F-Secure Policy Manager Console cannot start: internal error. See Administrator.error.log for more information."

The Administrator.error.log contains several SQL-related entries with "error code [1206]:The total number of locks exceeds the lock table size"


These SQL-errors are in most cases related to the value innodb_buffer_pool_size, and increasing this value usually fixes the issues. The value is verified by looking it up in the my.ini file on the MySQL-server, where it can also be increased as needed. 

Due to the large possible variations in user environments we are not able to give a direct number that this value should be set to. You can look for additional guidance from the MySQL Reference Manual and try an incremental approach, making several smaller changes and monitoring the results.

After modifying the value in the my.ini file, restart the MySQL-server and the Policy Manager Server to make sure everything is running with the latest configuration.

Note: Observe that getting or setting the value through Command line does not show or modify the correct value for every version of MySQL. To guarantee that the value is set correctly all changes need to happen via interaction with the my.ini file.

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