F-Secure Linux Security 64 installation failed due to missing dependencies

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After installing F-Secure Linux Security 64 the following error messages related to the missing dependencies is returned.

Do you accept this license agreement? The license agreement text is available at /opt/f-secure/linuxsecurity/doc/LICENSE
/var/opt/f-secure/linuxsecurity/download/linuxsecurity-1200-linux-x86_64/1562587205/content/setup: package 'fuse-libs.x86_64' is not installed
2019-07-19 13:11:56 src/fsbootstrap.c:417[7] executing '/var/opt/f-secure/linuxsecurity/download/linuxsecurity-1200-linux-x86_64/1562587205/content/setup' failed, result 256
2019-07-19 13:11:56 src/fsbootstrap.c:209[7] install failed
Failed to activate the product!


You need to install the necessary dependencies.

  1. Uninstall the current F-Secure Linux Security 64
    rpm -e f-secure-linuxsecurity
  2. Install the missing dependencies (example fuse-libs and libcurl)
    yum install -y  fuse-libs libcurl
  3.  Re-install F-Secure Linux Security 64 by using the following commands.
    bash f-secure-linuxsecurity/f-secure-linuxsecurity-installer 2>&1 | tee ls64_install_2.log

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