Standalone Rapid Detection and Response (RDR) device sensors are not operational and license shows e

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After installing standalone Rapid Detection and Response (RDR), the GUI displays error device sensors are not operational and license expired 


A most common mistake for standalone Rapid Detection and Response (RDR) sensor is installing MSI using the package without providing any MSI Transformation file (.mst) file, or any voucher in the command line. Those sensors will be in non-operation and expired.

In order to fix this, the administrator needs to uninstall the RDR client first then reinstall it with the proper license. 

Note: There is a different subscription key type for Workstation and Server. The keycode is not compatible if used between the platforms.

Below is the example for installation using the executable installer:

  • RDRStandaloneOnlineInstaller.exe --voucher ABCD-1234-BGFD --silent
For MSI package, refer to guide below to generate an MSI Transformation file (.mst) and embed the license key into the MSI package.
  1. Refer here on installing the F-Secure Rapid Detection and Response client software for Windows
  2. Refer here on Installing the client software for Windows remotely

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