How do I register F-Secure Policy Manager which is in an isolated or offline environment (offline to

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I would like to register my F-Secure Policy Manager Server which is not connected to a network (offline), how do I proceed?


  1. Contact F-Secure support by opening a support request (
  2. Provide the following information for F-Secure technical support to create an offline registration file:
  • Account Name
  • Customer ID
  • Installation ID 
  • Business Suite license Expiry date

How to obtain Customer and Installation ID:

  • Open F-Secure Policy Manager console, and go to Help menu > Registration dialog, or;
  • Find the information from the Policy Manager Server installation folder, ...\F-Secure\Management Server 5\Data (Windows) or /var/opt/f-secure/fspms/data (Linux), open the file called upstream-statistics.json using notepad. Customer ID is on line 5 and Installation ID is on line 6.

Once support has provided you with an offline registration file, use the following steps to activate it on your Policy Manager Server


  1. Copy the offline registration file to the folder F-Secure\Management Server 5\data
  2. Restart the F-Secure Policy Manager Server services by typing the following command in an elevated command prompt (CMD):  
  • net stop fsms  
  • net start fsms


  1. Copy the offline registration file to the folder /var/opt/f-secure/fspms/data 
  2. Restart the fspms daemon:
  •  # /etc/init.d/fspms restart
F-Secure Policy Manager will be activated until the expiry of your current subscription. After renewing the subscription you need to request a new registration token from support. Make sure to do this some time in advance so that you don't end up with an expired Policy Manager Server.

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