I receive notifications from Software Updater concerning new updates for Citrix Receiver. Can I inst

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New updates for some software such as Citrix Receiver appear on the Software Updates list in Policy Manager console Software Updater. Whenever I try to download and install them, I receive the following status message: The update package must be downloaded manually.

What does it mean and how can I install the newest updates?


The message means that the updates must be downloaded directly from the Citrix Receiver official website. After downloading the updates, install them manually as it is not possible to do it via the Policy Manager console or by using Software Updater. 

The reason why it is not possible is that more and more sites require authentication (e.g. "I'm not a robot" captcha). 

In those cases where Software Updater cannot download the updates, it advises that an update is available and can be installed manually to ensure security.

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