Where can I order the Radar Scan Node license for my Radar account?

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Where can I order the Radar Scan Node license for my Radar account?
During installation of a scan node, a license.fsrl file is required.
From where can i download this file? 


A user with an administrator role or with "manage system" privileges can order a Scan Node license and download the Scan Node Agent installer from Radar Security Center portal.

Ordering Scan Node
1. Log in to F-Secure Radar Security Center.
2. Go to Settings and click on the Scan nodes tab.
3. Click on New scan node button.
The new scan node wizard will ask for the required information to create a new license and automatically register the new Scan node IDs in the portal.

4. Once you have the Scan node license, click Done.
5. Proceed to download and install the new Scan node.
6. Verify that the scan node can connect to the Radar Security Center.

It should take less than 1 minute for the scan node to connect to the Security Center. If it takes longer, see the troubleshooting section.

Troubleshooting scan nodes issues

Below are the default Scan Node limits for paid and trial Radar accounts:

  • 5 Scan Nodes for paid Radar account
  • 1 Scan Node for trial Radar account
Contact support if you have reached the Scan Node limit.

Article no: 000011510

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