Running the F-Secure Uninstallation tool on a Windows server

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This article is applicable for the following products: Server Security 12.x, Email and Server Security 12.x, PSB Server Security 12, PSB Email and Server Security.

How to uninstall F-Secure Server products on Windows server using Uninstallation Tool?


Although F-Secure Uninstallation Tool is not supported to be used on Windows server, the tool can be used for special cases with the following instructions.

Important! DO NOT run this tool if you have Policy Manager installed on the same server. It will delete everything including the H2DB database and will cause data loss.

  1. Download the tool from here
  2. Open Command Prompt (cmd) with Run as Administrator... option
  3. Navigate to the folder where you saved the UninstallationTool.exe (e.g. Downloads)
  • cd C:\Users\<your username>\Downloads
  1. Type in Uninstallationtool.exe -a --server to launch the Uninstallation Tool
  2. Follow the instruction on the screen and allow the tool to finish the uninstallation
  3. Uninstallation will be done.

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