Client Security 14.xx or Server Security 14.xx installation failed because Universal CRT is not inst

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  • Universal CRT is not installed therefore Client Security 14.x/Server Security 14.00 installation fails.
  • In Policy Manger Console, push installations result in the status error message: "Installation failed. MSI error code is 1603."
  • The following error can be seen in Windows Application Event Logs: "Product: F-Secure Client Security [Premium] 14.XX/F-Secure Server Security [Premium] 14.XX -- Universal CRT is not installed"


The latest version of Client Security 14.x and Server Security 14.00 require Windows Universal C Runtime to be installed on the system. Download and install Windows Universal C Runtime from the link here before installing F-Secure Client Security 14.x or Server Security 14.x.

Here is also an alternate link from where to download Windows Universal C Runtime.

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