I am not able to create a new PSB company account for a new customer with the current license key in

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I am trying to add a new company account with my PSB Computer Protection or Server Protection license key in PSB Portal, but it does not let me do it.
I get an error: 
Subscription not found 


There are a couple of different reasons why a subscription key might not work when trying to create your PSB company account with it:

  • If you have bought a Partner Managed PSB subscription, you do not need to add the subscription key yourself to your PSB account. It will be automatically added by the reseller partner. Most likely it has already been added to your account
  • You already have created the PSB Company account before with that license key. If this is the case, try to log in with your user credentials. 
  • The code belongs to a different PSB portal than the PSB account you are logging into. Check the license certificate for which PSB portal the subscription key belongs to and make sure you have created the PSB Company account to the same one


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