Citrix sessions open F-Secure system tray icon on end-user desktop

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When launching Citrix sessions/applications, the F-Secure system tray icon will also appear on the end-users machine, and will remain on the machine after closing the Citrix application. The F-Secure process for the user needs to be closed separately from the Citrix side to fully terminate the session.


The icon appears due to Citrix Seamless Configuration Settings. More information is available from the following link from Citrix:

One option to test is to disable the Citrix tray icon agent, which can be done by adding the following registry key to every VDA machine:

SeamlessFlags:REG_DWORD = 0x20

It is strongly recommended to familiarize yourself with the information from Citrix before testing the solution, and to do a small-scale test before deploying any changes to production.

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