F-Secure Firewall rules made with Policy Manager 14.x do not work or appear in the Windows firewall

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  • Firewall rules made with Policy Manager 14.x are not operational on Client Security 14.x clients.
  • Firewall rules pushed from Policy Manager 14.x to Client Security 14.x clients do not appear in the Windows firewall.


Check that you have edited the same firewall profile that is in use on the client. This can be done by following these steps:

  1. Open F-Secure Policy Manager Console
  2. Select the host or domain from the Domain tree
  3. Go to the Settings tab
  4. Go to the Firewall page
  5. Check that Host profile and Profile being edited match
If they match, the reason why the rule is not applied on the client is because it is an invalid rule. If the rule has many IP addresses in it, make sure that you have used a comma ( , ) in between each IP range as a value separator. Using a space or semicolon ( ; ) in between the IP ranges will invalidate the rule and it will not be visible in the Windows Firewall. 

Article no: 000011310