How do I manually remove/delete malicious files or viruses on Mac computer?

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F-Secure program (F-secure SAFE/ Anti-Virus) has detected malicious files or viruses but they were not deleted automatically.


You can open the scanning report and locate the specific files in the following way: 

  1. Open F-Secure SAFE
  2. Click on Tools
  3. Click on Infection report
  4. Click on the specific report
  5. Open the information from there
  6. Find the exact file from finder
  7. You can delete the file by moving it to Trash, and then emptying the Trash after that. Be aware, if the mentioned file is an email file - this will remove all your emails if you delete it

Note: Potentially Unwanted Application detections are common in the Mac OSX environment. F-Secure product only warns about Potentially Unwanted Applications but does not automatically remove them.
Regarding the removal, we suggest that you uninstall the application completely from your Mac environment to stop the detection alert.
If you want to use the application in your environment, you can exclude those files in the product.  

Note: You can exclude only process/applications from scanning, not files. You can run the following commands in Terminal to exclude Outlook Application from scanning:
sudo -s echo "/Applications/Microsoft Outlook" >> /usr/local/f-secure/fsmac/sysconfig/system_daemons
launchctl stop com.f-secure.fsavd
Restart your computer after running the commands and monitor the CPU usage of the FSAVD process.

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