How do I install a Hotfix?

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How to install a Hotfix


There are several types of HOTFIXES. fsfix, jar, and zip.

  • FSFIX  -> This is for Windows clients. This hotfix can be run on each Windows clients.
  • JAR     -> This is for Policy Manager deployment. You can deploy hotfix using Policy Manager automatically.
  • ZIP      -> This contains both FSFIX and JAR, sometimes only one from those. Users need to extract this file.


Internet Explorer may change the file extension for fsfix/ jar to ".zip" This is due to the security setting. When it happens, please change the file extension back to the original one.

[How to install]

  1. Download the fsfix fix to target machine.
  2. Double click fsfix.
  3. Message is shown. Click "Yes" to proceed.
  4. Wait until installation finishes. You can see message window when it's finished.
  5. Click "OK" to finish installation.



  1. Open policy manager console and select "installation"
  2. Click on "Installation package".
  3. Click on "Import" and import Jar file.
  4. Click on "Close"
  5. Select target PC(or domain) and click on "install package".
  6. Select package name and click on "OK"
  7. Deploy policy to targets.

Sometimes, a reboot is recommended. Please reboot your PC, if needed. This message is shown based on your OS status even if the hotfix does not need an OS reboot.

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