Software Updater unable to download Java updates

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Software Updater is unable to download Java updates.

Trying to use the same download link that is written in the logs leads to an error, so it can't be used manually.


Oracle has changed the way Java is licensed. A side effect of this is that Java updates can be downloaded only from the vendor's server with authentication. This stops Software Updater from downloading the Java update. 

We have published a change to Computer Protection to stop showing Java update as a missing update in Software Updater. After this, you will need to install Java update manually (not via F-Secure Software Updater). 

At the same time, we are not going to change the Software Updater behavior for the rest of the products. 

To stop Software Updater from trying to install the problematic Java update automatically, you can exclude the Java Update from the automatic installation by following these steps: 

If you have a Business Suite product (Client Security or Server Security) 

  1. Log in to Policy Manager Console
  2. Select the target group from the Domain Tree
  3. Go to the Settings tab
  4. Select Software Updater 
  5. Click on Add from the right side of the Exclude software from automatic installation list
  6. Use Java as the software name to exclude it
If you have a Protection Service for Business product (Computer Protection or Server Protection) 
  1. Log in to the PSB Portal
  2. Go to the Profiles page
  3. Click the profile you want to edit
  4. Select Software updater 
  5. Click Add software below Exclude software from automatic installation 
  6. Write Product=Java to exclude Java software from automatic installation
After the change, you will need to install the Java update manually. 

NOTE: The above mentioned information is also available in the following community article:

Article no: 000011585