After upgrading to Client Security or Server Security 14 Client shows "Error in protection. Restart

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  • After upgrading to F-Secure Client Security 14.10 or F-Secure Server Security 14 Client keeps asking for restart with notification "restart required F-Secure product received a critical update. To keep your protection up to date, restart your computer. Remember to save your work"
  • After a restart the same notification is shown again
  • F-Secure Ultralight services are not listed in the Windows services list
  • Capricorn update is missing from Updates list in the local user interface
Note: If you click on the view log file button in the Updates view, it will bring you to the aua.log, where you can see similar entries:

 I: Installation of 'F-Secure Ultralight Core Update 2019-08-22_01' : Processing
 I: Installation of 'F-Secure Ultralight Core Update 2019-08-22_01' : Retry at restart
 I: Installation of 'F-Secure Hydra Update 2019-08-28_04' : Processing
 I: Update check completed successfully
 I: Installation of 'F-Secure Hydra Update 2019-08-28_04' : Retry at restart


This issue is related to Ultralight not installing or updating correctly. You can install one of the hotfixes bellow to solve the problem:

  • FSCS1410-HF01
  • FSCS1410-HF02
  • FSCS1410-HF07
Note: All these Hotfixes are applicable for Server Security 14.00 and Client Security 14.10

These hotfixes are not publicly available from our homepage. Open a support request and our customer service team can send you the hotfixes.

If these hotfixes do not resolve the issue and Capricorn update is still missing from the Updates list, you can try removing the Capricorn update from your Policy Manager Server and re-download it.

Follow these steps to re-download Capricorn update on your Policy Manager Server:
  1. Stop Policy Manager Server Service
  2. Delete the following folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\F-Secure\Management Server 5\data\guts2\updates\capricorn-win64
  3. Start Policy Manager Server Service
The Policy Manager Server will now re-download the missing Capricorn update. Wait for 30 minutes and check from the client if it has now been able to download and install Capricorn.


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