F-Secure FREEDOME on Mac OSX keeps trying to connect but doesn't succeed

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  • FREEDOME on Mac OSX keeps trying to connect but never succeeds
  • After clicking the protection ON switch, the status is left as connecting


Please uninstall and re-install F-Secure FREEDOME on your Mac.

To uninstall F-Secure Freedome on your Mac:

  1. Find the F-Secure FREEDOME logo in the top right corner of your Mac (If the logo is not appearing in the top right corner of your screen, then just proceed to (3))
  2. Click on it, and click Quit
  3. Open Finder
  4. Find F-Secure FREEDOME
  5. Drag the FREEDOME icon into Trash
  6. Enter your Mac password
  7. Reboot the Mac
To re-install F-Secure FREEDOME VPN for Mac:
  1. Open this webpage: https://www.f-secure.com/en/home/download
  2. Find F-Secure FREEDOME, and click Download for Mac
  3. Finalize the installation of the program from there
  4. When F-Secure FREEDOME is installed, click on the Subscription tab from the menu list on the left pane
  5. Depending on your activation method:
    • Click Have a code? to activate using a subscription code, and enter your code; OR
    • Click Log in if you have a subscription with F-Secure Total or other providers, and sign in with your credentials
If reinstallation does not fix the issue or only temporarily fixes the issue:
  • If you have MacKeeper anti-virus software installed on your system, its Memory Cleaner feature can cause issues with FREEDOME. Disable or remove MacKeeper to make sure it is not the cause for the connection issue.

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