I lost/forgot my F-Secure FREEDOME code

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I lost/forgot my F-Secure FREEDOME VPN code


If you have lost or forgotten the subscription code for your F-Secure FREEDOME VPN, do one of the following:

  • If you bought the F-Secure FREEDOME VPN product from F-Secure eStore, contact F-Secure support. To speed up the recovery of the subscription code, have your email address (used when you bought the product) or order reference number at hand when contacting our support.
  • If you bought the product from a local reseller, contact your reseller.
  • If you have purchases from Apple Appstore or Google PlayStore, you do not get any code. You can activate the purchase by installing it from the store and choosing 'return purchase'.
If you have installed the newest version of FREEDOME installed, and you activated your code on that version, you can get the code from the program.
  1. Open FREEDOME
  2. Go to Subscription 
  3. Click Show Subscription code
NOTE: You cannot get the code even if you have newest FREEDOME version, if the code was used before the update.  

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