Windows Security Center reports "Computer Protection by F-Secure is snoozed"

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I am receiving reports from Windows Security Center that "Computer Protection by F-Secure is snoozed". Trying to activate the product through Windows Security Center brings up a dialog asking for admin rights to enable the software. When opening the F-Secure software directly, everything seems to be functioning normally.


This is a temporary state reported by Computer Protection to the Windows Security Center while it is updating its core components.
These updates usually take 15-45 seconds to complete, after which Computer Protection will report that it is returning to a fully active state.

We report the statuses to Windows Security Center, but we have no further control over how it chooses to display this information to the end users. There is always a possibility that a notification about the product being snoozed might remain visible to end users even after the product has returned to functioning normally and reported that state.

Article no: 000015354