Why does F-Secure FREEDOME require permission to access location information with the "Trusted Wi-

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From Android 10 onward, the "Trusted Wi-Fi networks" feature in F-Secure FREEDOME will require permission to access the location information.

FREEDOME doesn't need information about the actual location. However, when FREEDOME tries to define the network as trusted, it needs to obtain the network name from the Android operating system. Starting from Android 10, any app that requests the network name from the operating system needs to have the "Access location information" permission turned on.

If you deny the permission, you can't use the "Trusted Wi-Fi networks" feature in FREEDOME but you can continue using all the other features in FREEDOME. Also, if you deny the permission, you will see the prompt again when you try to use this feature the next time. At that point you can also deny the permission permanently. To revert this, you must go to the Android settings and reset the permission from there.

Note: If you upgrade your current Android operating system to version 10, the "Trusted Wi-Fi networks" feature only works once you have select Trusted Wi-Fi networks from FREEDOME Settings.