Why did I receive an email saying that my F-Secure Internet Security subscription is going to expire

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  • E-mail request renewal when F-Secure Internet Security is still valid.
  • I have gotten an email reminder that my Internet Security subscription is running out even though the program says it is valid until next year.
  • Why did I receive the mail that my F-Secure Internet Security subscription is going to expire, even though I have renewed it?


When the expiration date of your F-Secure Internet Security subscription is getting closer, the product starts reminding you to renew the subscription.

The email reminder to renew your subscription is sent based on the purchase date of the product, not on the date when you installed the product and activated the protection.

If you keep receiving renewal reminder emails after you have renewed the subscription, you most probably have renewed the subscription by using a different email address. As the system is not able to connect this renewal with your first subscription, it continues to send you email reminders about the expiring subscription to the email address that you used to buy your first subscription.

You will receive one last email reminder after the estimated subscription expiry.

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