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How do I deactivate Family Rules on F-Secure SAFE


I activated family rules by mistake on an account, how do I deactivate them?


You can deactivate the F-secure SAFE family rules for a user by doing as follows:

  1. Login to your account on
  2. Click on the user in question
  3. Select Time limits 
    • Click the On/Off button to deactivate time limits for this user
  4. Select Content filtering
    • Click the On/Off button to deactivate content filtering for this user

If you have, by mistake, installed a child profile on your device you can remove the Family Rules by changing the user in the F-Secure Safe application:

  1. Select Antivirus -tab 
  2. Select Protecting
  3. Select Switch profile
  4. Log in with your My F-Secure credentials
  5. Select Protecting Me


Article no: 000003627

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