Launching a manual scan as a non-root user fails with an error-message on Linux Security 64

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F-Secure Linux Security 64: launching a manual scan as a non-root user fails with the following error:

/opt/f-secure/linuxsecurity/bin/fsanalyze: line 56: /etc/opt/f-secure/fsbg/mgmt/lock: permission denied


Running fsanalyze with a non-root user is currently not supported. We are working on providing this functionality, which will become available in a future release. Current estimate for releasing this feature is 31.10.2019

As a workaround, do the following:

  • Run a manual scan on the system using fsanalyze with a root account, or
  • Configure a scheduled scan via Policy Manager Console
You can also use Linux Security 11.10, which has support for manual scanning using fsav (5) even for non-root users. Linux Security 11.10 is still supported until 31.12.2020.

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