fshoster32.exe process remains on after Citrix logoff

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When a Citrix application is published for end users, traces of the server's F-Secure Server Security session also follows. Visible effects are:

  • when the user logs off the Citrix session, the F-Secure process fshoster32.exe remains running
  • an F-Secure system tray icon becomes visible on the end-user's desktop
  • performance degradation due to many fshoster32.exe processes running.
 When the user's fshoster32.exe process is ended manually on the Citrix side, the icon disappears and the user's session closes.


For more information about this situation and a suggested registry change that can be used to end processes together with the main executable, read the following Citrix knowledge base article: Graceful Logoff from a Published Application Renders the Session in Active State.

The following registry key has been confirmed by customers:

Value Name:LogoffCheckSysModules

Make sure to familiarize yourself with the information from Citrix before making any changes to your environment. Also, confirm with a small scale test before pushing changes to production.

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