F-Secure Computer Protection or Client Security 14.xx installation fails with error "conflicting One

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When installing F-Secure Computer Protection or Client Security 14.xx, the following error message is logged: Conflicting Oneclient product already installed.


This error indicates that either F-Secure Computer Protection or F-Secure Client Security 14.xx has been previously installed on the computer. The uninstallation of the previous F-Secure product has left some leftover files on the computer which are conflicting with the new installation.

To resolve this issue:

  1. Download the Oneclient-compatible uninstallation tool (Uninstallation Tool for Windows - Client Security 13.x & 14.x, Computer Protection, and Rapid Detection Service) from the Support tools page.
  2. Run the tool
Here is a direct link to the tool

Article no: 000011403

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