After upgrade to Client Security 14, clients are not communicating via http or https traffic and upd

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  • Clients are not able to get updates from the Policy Manager server
  • Virus definitions shows later than the Policy Manager is Serving
  • Update server is shown as wait.pmp-selector.local
  • Policy Manager shows that Client Security is still in the old version even though on the client it is the newer version


The update server is shown as wait.pmp-selector.local until the client has successfully connected to the Policy Manager Server for the first time after the upgrade or installation. This is an indication that there is a connectivity issue between the clients and the Policy Manager server.

First, check that you have set the correct Policy Manager Server address when exporting the installation file. You can check if the address is correct and if the HTTP connection works by opening a web browser on a client and then entering the Policy Manager Server address and the HTTP port in the address field. 


Client Security 13 and earlier versions supported fallback to using HTTP connection if HTTPS did not work. Please check that both the HTTP and HTTPS ports are open in the firewall on the Policy Manager Server. By default Policy Manager listens to HTTP port 80 and HTTPS port 443, but these can be changed during installation. 

Check that you have entered the correct Policy Manager Server address, HTTP port and HTTPS port when creating the installation file. If you have used the wrong address or ports when creating the installation file, you will need to reinstall the product with a new installation file with the correct settings. 

If you are using Policy Manager Proxy in your environment, try these steps:

  1. Make sure that Policy Manager proxy servers are updated to 14 versions
  2. For Client Security 14 clients HTTPS connection support is required and for versions 13 and earlier it was not
  3. "Allow fallback" is not mandatory if everything is configured properly

If you are not sure if it is configured properly, allow the option Fall back to Policy Manager Proxy which can be found under Automatic Update Agent in Policy Manager Console.

If you cannot find an issue with your configuration, open a support request and submit an FSDiag diagnostic file from the Policy Manager Server and one of the affected client for further analysis and troubleshooting.

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