Blocked ports with F-Secure FREEDOME

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F-Secure FREEDOME allows virtually all of the network traffic to pass through. However, to increase security and prevent certain abusive behavior, such as spamming, some ports are blocked for both the TCP and UDP protocols.

Blocked TCP ports:
  • 1-19
  • 25
  • 67-69
  • 139
  • 445
Blocked UDP ports:
  • 0-1024
  • 1900 (both source and destination ports)

Blocking of these ports should not prevent normal internet usage. The only exception can be TCP port 25 which is used for the SMTP mail sending protocol. Web-based email services, such as Gmail or Hotmail, are not using SMTP for mail sending, and thus work normally without any special configuration. In the case of corporate mail service or mail service from an internet service provider, it may be necessary to change the mail client's settings. Further information about the needed changes is available in article How can I send emails when FREEDOME is turned on?

At some locations, FREEDOME also blocks BitTorrent. These locations are listed in article Is BitTorrent allowed with FREEDOME?

Note also that although the UDP ports 53 (DNS, domain name system) and 123 (NTP, network time protocol) are blocked, the services are available as they are provided within FREEDOME itself.