Premium support service offering for UK TOTAL and SAFE customers

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We have now started offering a premium support service for TOTAL and SAFE customers living in the UK only.

What is the Premium support service for TOTAL/SAFE customers?

As a premium service, this support option offers some additional benefits to the standard support offering as follows:
  • Premium support coverage for a 12-month period with a dedicated premium support number.
  • Technical expert support and guidance; for example, help with software installation and configuration.
  • Unlimited access at no extra cost to F-Secure Support 24/5 in English by phone.
  • Priority call handling. This means that with the premium support service your call is prioritized in the Support queue, giving you a faster service.

How much does the service cost?

The Premium support service costs £9.99/year, VAT included.

Where can I find the Premium support number?

Once you have purchased the premium support service from our eStore, the dedicated phone number for the service is displayed on the "order confirmation thank you page". After purchase, you are sent an email confirmation, and in this email, you can also find the dedicated phone number for the service. If you are not able to find your order confirmation email, reach out to us via the standard customer support channels.

What happens when I call the Premium support phone line?

When you call the Premium support phone line, your call is immediately put through to the dedicated Premium support phone line. A customer support expert might ask for the confirmation number for the premium service, so have that at the ready.

What happens after the call?

When the call ends, we automatically send you a customer satisfaction survey as part of our process for continuous quality improvement, giving you the opportunity to send us your feedback.

Can I renew the subscription for the Premium support service after the 12-month period?

Yes. You have the option of renewing the subscription manually.

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