How to switch account type and take Family Rules into use on macOS

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This article applies to SAFE for macOS from the 17.5 release.

To set up and use the full set of Family Rules settings (devise use limits, bedtime, and content filtering), a child profile cannot have administrative rights. Content filtering works with an administrative account, but for the other settings, the account permissions need to be changed.

If your child has an account that has administrative rights or has access to such an account, when you go to set up Family Rules in the product, a notification appears informing you to change the account type in the User & Groups settings and that you are almost protected.

To continue with setting up the Family Rules settings, change the account type by following these steps:

Note: To change account type, you need another account with administrative rights.

  1. Log out of the account you want to set up Family Rules for.
  2. Log in to another account with administrative rights.
  3. Open System Preferences > User & Groups, and select the name of the account that you want to make changes for.
  4. Uncheck the Allow user to administer this computer.
  5. Restart the computer when prompted and click OK.
  6. Log back in to the original administrative account (now with the changed status) that you wanted to set up Family Rules for.
  7. Open up SAFE for Mac, and select the Family Rules tab to see the Family Rules settings applied.