What does the data "counter" do in F-Secure SAFE PC/Internet Security?

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The data counter displays information about how the product is protecting you and your computer. The counter is at the bottom of the main product view and rotates showing the latest information as it is recorded.

If there is something that interests you, you can click on the counter, and the view expands to display more specific data.

The categories

The data provided is divided into the following categories:

Items/objects checked or verified
  • Files checked by real-time scanner
  • Applications verified by DeepGuard
  • Downloads scanned for threats
  • Websites verified
  • Banking sessions secured
Events/objects blocked
  • Files blocked by real-time scanner
  • Downloads blocked
  • Harmful websites blocked
  • Applications blocked by DeepGuard

What is included

Depending on the type of object/item, the data is recorded either on a system-wide basis or user-basis. For example, with the "Files checked by real-time scanner" counter, this includes data for all user accounts on a given computer. Whereas with the "Downloads scanned for threats" counter, this counter includes data per user, and only scans done in the current user session. Therefore, the data showing in this counter is different for each user of the computer.

For more detail on what is included in the data, see the Online Help topic, Viewing protection statistics.

Update intervals

The counters are refreshed every 15-25 seconds once an operation has taken place and the data is recorded.

The data is available for the following time periods: last year, 30 days, and 7 days. If the counter does not have any active data, it is not shown.