How to check the firewall status and settings in F-Secure Computer Protection

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In F-Secure Computer Protection, the firewall profile defined in the PSB portal sets the rules in the Windows Firewall on the end-point computers, which means that the partner or admin must enable the Windows Firewall, so that the PSB firewall profile can be applied.

Activate the Windows firewall in Profiles
  • If the firewall is disabled in a specific profile, slide the slider to turn on the Apply F-Secure firewall profiles setting, then lock the setting.
  • If the firewall is disabled in the local settings, slide the slider to turn on Use Windows Firewall, then lock the setting.

Note: If the firewall is disabled by a GPO, the IT administrator needs to change the GPO settings. This is not possible through the PSB portal.


Check the firewall status in Devices
  1. In the PSB portal, select Devices to open the page.
  2. Select the organization and click on the filter icon (funnel shape).
  3. Select the Firewall filter from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select a relevant value. For example, in this case, Disabled by GPO.

    A list appears with the relevant devices. It is also possible to apply another filter and/or change the category.


Important: If the Windows Firewall is disabled through a GPO, the PSB firewall rules cannot be enforced. F-Secure is therefore unable to activate the Windows Firewall, and the firewall status remains disabled in the PSB portal. If this is the case, go back to the GPO and enable the Windows Firewall.

Note: The "netsh" command never shows the real state of the firewall if a GPO is applied. The command only shows the local settings that could be different.