What's New in F-Secure SAFE for PC/Internet Security

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This article outlines important changes and features, as well as fixes released in the latest versions of F-Secure SAFE for PC and Internet Security.

Version 17.7

Released August/2019

New Settings user interface
  • A new settings user interface that combines Antivirus and common settings.
  • You can view the settings without administrator rights. Editing the settings still requires administrator rights.
  • A new Support page containing information, tools, and links that are related to support issues, including your subscription information.
Logout from SAFE account
  • A logout feature has been added to the main user interface. When you want to switch to a different account, you can use it to log out from your current account and expire the client. You need to log in again to use it.
Other improvements
  • The usability of the Manage/Renew subscription link has been improved. The SAFE: Manage subscription link opens the SAFE portal and the Internet Security: Manage subscription link is no longer visible.
  • The restart prompt has an option to select when to remind you again.
  • The recent events view has an option to view events from all users. This requires administrator rights.

Version 17.6

Released April/2019

Banking protection clears the clipboard
For added security, all the information is wiped from the clipboard when a banking session ends.
Restart reminder added
A reminder is shown if your computer needs to be restarted; for example, after real-time or scheduled scanning has removed a harmful system infection.
Improved statistics
The product main page now shows a statistics counter for various security actions, such as files scanned and website reputations checked.
Other general improvements
  • The Time limits feature has been renamed to Device use limits; the functionality of the feature remains unchanged.
  • Croatian language support has been added.
  • Some user interfaces have been re-implemented using Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2. If you do not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 installed, it will be automatically installed during installation/upgrade.
Overall scanning engine improvements
  • The engine uses the browser's "mark-of-the-web" to decide if a file should be analyzed in the Security Cloud. This improves the detection of potentially unwanted applications.
  • Performance improvements to scanning when you install applications.
  • Improved website reputation look-ups from the Security Cloud for Browsing Protection.
  • Improved reliability for engine updates.

Version 17.5

Released Jan/2019

Dialog and notification enhancements
  • 'Recent events' has a Clear all button.
  • The Advanced network protection toast message for potentially unwanted application (riskware) has a Trust button.
  • The DeepGuard toast message for potentially unwanted application (riskware) has a Remove button.
Family Rules enhancements
  • The main user interface displays a warning if a child's account has administrative rights and parental control/family rules is turned on.
  • The Allow/deny web sites feature works for individual web pages; not just web sites.
Product architecture changed
  • Instead of three separate modules that combined to make the product, there is now just a single package.
  • The product is installed first, and the license is entered/acquired after installation.
  • The new architecture makes the installation and updates more reliable.
  • Smaller disk space required.
  • Reduced the memory footprint (excluding Ultralight processes).
Subscription/licensing subsystem redesign
  • A subscription reminder is first shown as a toast message and only closer to expiration date, as a dialog.
  • The subscription expiration date is shown in the local timezone with hour accuracy.
  • The main user interface has a Manage subscription link, which turns into a Renew link when the subscription is about to expire.
  • A subscription update is shown as a toast message with the new end date (if available).
  • The subscription status updates faster and in all places of the product at the same time.
  • The new virus signature databases are not downloaded when the product has expired.
Other improvements
  • When you report a website from the browsing protection block page, the URL is pre-filled in the submit form.
  • Support for the Korean language was added.
  • The F-Secure Support tool has been improved:
    • The F-Secure Support tool supports high resolution and accessibility features.
    • The F-Secure Support tool uses zlib for compression instead of 7-zip. You can now inspect more easily what has been collected before you send it to F-Secure. This helps with privacy and transparency.
The following features were removed:
  • The Installation complete page, as it did not bring additional value.
  • A warning indicating the Firewall is off. Windows shows the warning already.
  • Browsing time lock mode. Now the whole device is always locked.
  • The Installed applications page from Common settings.
  • The Subscription keys page from Common settings.

Version 17.4

Released May/2018

Cloud-based antivirus protection enabled for all users by default during installation
To ensure that all users are protected by our Security Cloud, this feature is automatically enabled by default for all new installations of the product. You can disable this feature, although not recommended, from Common settings.
Banking Protection improvements
Banking Protection uses referrer history to allow returning to unrated web stores after payment transaction.
Improved usability of product notifications
Improved product messaging: on Windows 10, the product uses toast notifications; on Windows 7 and 8, we have redesigned the notifications.
GDPR compliancy
GDPR-compliant permission to collect product improvement data. You can choose to send product improvement data to F-Secure during installation or from common settings.
Bug fixes and performance improvements
  • Improved product event history.
The following features were removed:
  • Internet Explorer 10 is no longer supported.

Version 17.3

Released March/2018

Enhanced ransomware protection
  • Common document folders get an extra layer of protection against ransomware.
  • Protected (folders) tab added to App and file control UI. This is used for ransomware protection feature.
Banking protection activation improvements
Banking protection activation has been improved not to trigger when banking web site is not accessed.
SafeSearch strict-level filtering for children
When content filtering is turned on, it also turns on SafeSearch strict-level filtering for children, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Youtube. (SAFE only)
General performance improvements
  • Youtube support has been added to search result filter.
  • Various UI graphics has been updated for 4k monitors.
  • In Antivirus settings > Firewall page, the "Advanced network protection" checkbox has been changed to a switch for consistency.
The following features were removed:
  • Parental Control user statistics. Statistics are to be restored in another form in future versions.
  • The installer time virus scan. This was used mainly in Windows 7.
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