New dashboard view in My F-Secure

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Katriina_M Posts: 445 F-Secure Employee

We have now released a new version of My F-Secure with an upgraded dashboard view that allows you to see all your F-Secure TOTAL apps conveniently in one place.

From the dashboard, you can:

  • Install your TOTAL apps and see your security status at a glance,
  • Manage your apps and upgrade your subscription and licenses more effectively, and
  • Easily access our different Support services directly from My F-Secure via F-Secure Help.

To access the dashboard:

  1. Log into your My F-Secure account.
  2. Select TOTAL apps in the top bar, and the dashboard comes into view.
  3. To exit the view, select TOTAL apps in the top bar or click on the My F-Secure background, and the dashboard disappears from view.

Note: Trial versions of SAFE do not have a dashboard. If you have a paid version of SAFE, the apps that are available with the TOTAL package (FREEDOME, KEY, and SENSE) are greyed out.

The new dashboard view


In the image:
  • Manage SAFE means you already have the SAFE app installed, and you can manage your licenses; for example, send a license to a family member or release a license.
  • Install FREEDOME and Install KEY means that you have not yet installed the respective app.
  • Get SENSE means that you have not yet ordered the SENSE router to take SENSE home protection into use.